Nowhere To Run is a daring memoir illustrating the wonderful highs of Wisconsin Badger football coupled with the dreadful depths of addiction. This classic tale of man’s internal struggle leads Montee Ball down a path where he is met with an undeniable and heartbreaking truth. From being a Heisman Trophy finalist to sitting on a cold floor in jail, Montee’s Nowhere To Run is raw, heartbreaking, inspiring, and a powerful piece of contemporary addiction literature.

“As Montee’s primary substance abuse counselor, I can attest to his hard work, perseverance, and humility as he navigated the challenges before him. Witnessing the transition from feelings of guilt, shame, and the absence of purpose, to ones of accountability, forgiveness, and finding one’s self again, allowed for a focus and determination to help not only himself, but ultimately others by providing a message of hope, and inspiration.”

Cory Divine MA, LPC, CSAC

“We all have our own demons. Instead of shame, we can feel shared humanity. And in facing them, we learn courage, empathy, and resilience, which fuel our purpose in life. Montee’s inspiring story is a gift that’s still being written. The best is yet to come.”

Scott Brinen

President of the W Club



About the author

Montee Ball played college football for the Wisconsin Badgers and was then drafted by the Denver Broncos in the 2nd round of the 2013 NFL Draft. His NFL career came to an end after two seasons due to issues stemming from his alcoholism, anxiety and depression.

Montee now sits on a handful of committee boards for recovery organizations in the state of Wisconsin and also nationally. He aims to tear down the stigma that surrounds substance use disorder with a strong focus on peer support. His goal is to continue enhancing engagement within the recovery community and also to teach the importance of strengthening the foundation. He is now a certified recovery coach, recovery coach trainer, public speaker, the co-host of his sobriety podcast Untapped Keg, and provides peer support for those who are struggling with what he faced.

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